Tracey Hollis Rowe

Tracey Hollis Rowe is a contemporary British landscape artist based in the North West.

Tracey’s compositions are created from memory, using expressive gestural marks to build layers with palette knives and tools, using paints and mediums that are then manipulated until an image emerges.

Echoes of place roamed, mountains hiked and nature explored, translated into a painting the viewer can connect with. A view with a sense of familiarity about it, a place they have been to or somewhere that reminds them of home.

The outdoors provides Tracey with a constant source of inspiration and in particular her love of the north where she is from. When she is not in her studio painting, she can be found out hiking across the many ‘wild places’ of the north.

Tracey works from her home studio and her main studio in an old grade II listed mill at Creative Spin Studios, Leigh Spinners Mill in Leigh, Lancashire.