Sian McGill was born in Wales on St.David’s Day 1973. After gaining a degree in English at Swansea University, she returned to a childhood love of art, and painting soon became a passion again. Today Sian lives on the edge of the Gower Peninsula with her husband, three children, and their cat and dog.

Much of her inspiration comes directly from the places where she loves to spend time – usually outdoors enjoying the coastline and mountains. Her work is often of the Welsh landscape and she also enjoys painting Scotland, Cornwall and Ireland.

The paintings are a response to the natural world, an attempt to capture the energy and feel of a place she has visited. Sian will often paint outdoors or in situ, as well as in her home studio from a photograph.

An expressive and intuitive painter, she works with different tools such as a palette knife, brushes, or fingertips and enjoys experimenting with mark-making, colour and texture to create a variety of effects. This often leads to a degree of unpredictability, allowing the paintings to emerge almost by themselves, producing captivating and highly original artwork.

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