Pratima, a contemporary British artist, now based in Hertfordshire, spent her formative years growing up in a Hindu brahmin family, in Gujarat, India. Educated in a school based on Mahatma Gandhi’s principle has played a major role in her ability to appreciate art, crafts, literature, poetry, classical dance and music.

A deep respect for all life forms is expressed through her sculptures and she draws inspiration not only from the human form, but also from the qualities she sees in them – determination despite abject poverty, optimism, kindness, inner strength and beauty. Pratima’s early career as a Microbiologist required intense observation of minute details. This has proven a particularly useful skill which is apparent in her work.

Pratima is a proud recipient of the Craft Council’s Hothouse Support for emerging Makers and was also selected for an exhibition curated by the V&A. Receiving a ‘Best use of colour’ award from The London Potters is another highlight.

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