Based in Yorkshire, UK, Claire Murray has spent her life devoted to creating and teaching art, emerging full-time into the artworld after retiring from college teaching in 2019. Like many artists before her, Claire begins with observation of the landscape, environment, and events, but the end result is often much removed from the conventions of the naturalistic. Though still connected and grounded to the earth, elements, natural forces and universal visual language, her paintings strive to form an expressionistic response to the environment, politics, social issues, and the challenges we face in the 21 st century to protect the planet.

“Claire paints her vision of the world through an original expressionist abstraction with great mastery. Beautiful colours, subtle transparencies and harmonious compositions raise the limits of abstraction to extract the essential impressions. Reality may show through, but it is overpowered by the fundamental emotions”
Max Laniado, international art agent, from the book, Another World, Claire Murray 2021.
Work in international private collections – New York, London, Paris, Sydney, California, Chicago, Minneapolis, Provence, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and extensively in the UK.

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