‘My central focus is the exploration of boundaries, from form to formlessness, real and abstract, ultimately pointing to a non-dual interpretation of the world both around us and at once, within us.

Meditation is an important practice to me and is one that I have woven into my creative process. I take an intuitive approach to painting and believe that the most meaningful results come from a calm and present mind, responding to events as they arise. This meditative practice has gripped my interest for a number of years; it’s an approach that I’m always keen to discuss and share the benefits and joys of with those around me, emphasising not only the finished piece but the significance of the process that led to it.

I incorporate a range of mediums to suggest an illusion of detail that encourages a viewer to fill in blanks with their interpretation, memories and feelings. I predominantly combine watercolours, wax and ink to create semi-abstract landscapes, usually inspired by real places I have visited while hiking and wild-camping around the UK.

The Peak District and the rolling hills around West Yorkshire are of particular inspiration to me, however, I rarely set out to recreate a specific location. Instead, I often aim to capture an atmosphere, a feeling, an event, or a memory. I seek to create scenes that feel familiar but distant, as if grasping at a memory of a dream.’

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