Midori creates various types of ceramic sculpture. She says all are part of her; memories, dreams, imagination, observation and stories she has read and made. They all come back to life vividly when she sees each sculpture. Once they are given shapes, they become grounded. Midori creates something small almost daily at night. She calls them her journal. She is writing in ceramics. When you see them in my gallery, they stop you in your tracks. You cannot help but stare in wonder at them. Amazing art, an amazing artist.

For Hope gallery, she creates a collection of work born from her inner self; her wry sense of humour, her philosophy and emotions. Her work has an undertone of Zen, which has influenced her life. Her work has been admired by collectors globally. Her work has been in publications, magazines and newspapers.

Midori Takaki, born and grew up in Japan, has studied sociology and social anthropology in her youth, and art in her middle life. She is usually well hidden in a beautiful historic city, Canterbury, Kent, but sometimes spotted talking to trees during her walks in the ancient woods.

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