I am a Manchester based abstract landscape painter, sharing my experiences of finding sanctuary and peace in the landscape during stormy seasons of life through the artworks I create in my peaceful home studio. I look for the tensions between order and chaos, drawing my inspiration from the transitions between different layers found within the landscape to create works that invite you to share in my experiences.
Creating these atmospheric and peaceful paintings I layer rich blues and greens, bleeding into soft pinks, seeking to capture and abstract the essence of spacious landscapes seascapes and skies. In mapping out the layers and rhythms that create beauty in the midst of uncertainty, my aim is to capture the delicate balance holding up the world around us.
I rediscovered my creativity several years ago as I experienced motherhood for the first time. Painting became a way to process the challenges the changing seasons of life bring. My creative practice evolved over time as a way to express the deep intake of breath and inner settle-ness out in wild places.

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