I am a self taught artist who lives and works in North Devon.

I love colourful and decorative things and I have an inexhaustible passion for textiles. As a child I watched my mother as she worked her intricate embroideries and she encouraged me to look carefully at the different shapes and textures around me and to appreciate the tiniest details in all things. This is where my love of pattern began and my paintings are an expression of the all those things which excite me still.

The women in my paintings wear ornate clothes that are a mix of styles, not belonging to any one place or period in time. Some of the patterns have special significance; shamrocks for my grandmother, little leaf shapes represent my mothers embroidery stitches and the trees and flowers represent my love of nature.

Every painting has a meaning and while friendship, contemplation and gratitude are themes that I return to often, I prefer people to find their own personal meaning and connection to a piece. As I paint I feel the women come to life, each with a distinct personality, I am just capturing that moment in time when they are sleeping, or working or just sitting deep in thought. My hope is always to produce something which brings people joy.

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