Fiona Thompson

My most recent project is informed by locations and travel a little closer to home. In previous years, I have been informed by the landscape in various contexts. This current work sees a revisiting of the land/seascape as subject material. Although this project is still in a sense relating to travel and tourism language (and photographic seeing), it is not about ‘the other’ but rather ‘home’. Reconnecting with the countryside and coastal areas of Scotland, even for a short trip, has offered a way of stepping away from the urban environment and into a more contemplative space. ‘Collecting’ the scenes through photography, it also raises questions of what we consider ‘aesthetic’/visually pleasing in the landscape vista; how much is constructed and how much is ‘natural’.

The pieces combine photographic image with abstracted layers of colour and mark making, not necessarily reflecting specific places, rather a trace of places visited; including areas around Edinburgh and Perthshire.

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