Caroline hopes her paintings evoke an experience all of their own, where the viewer is able to invent a story, their essence however originates from her regular walks on Haworth moor where she lives and works. The landscape of the South Pennines is immersive and raw, it’s where she feels rooted.
As an abstract landscape artist her fundamental conversation is translate through paint how it feels to be in this landscape, whilst endeavouring to capture the ever changing weather and light. The moors are often shrouded in mist, blurring and obscuring the horizon, creating a softness and fragility. Place is integral to her art. Living so close to the moors means that it is always in her subconscious, the big skies, the feeling of the wind, the movement, texture of the vegetation, the mist and changing light.

Caroline studied at Leeds College of Art in the 1980’s and 1990’s. It was here that she developed a passion for surface, manipulation of materials and texture. This has continued and significantly grown through the decades, she is obsessed with building up layers, working into the wood or canvas to created surface interest and depth and over time builds the painting with gestural mark making, occasionally adding found materials to the oil or acrylic.

Caroline has a close affinity and family connection with the ancient landscape of West Cornwall. This influence can also be seen in her paintings, especially after a visit.

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