Soon after I learned to walk and talk, I got to know the wrestling mat and the relatively rough atmosphere of this sport through my father, who was a wrestler.
On the other hand, my mother’s interest in art became a factor for providing the conditions of art education at home, strengthening the musical ear by listening to classical works and developing visual ability by seeing paintings and having the freedom to do what I desired, even to paint on the walls of the house. And of course, the kindergarten played an undeniable role in making the painter I am today.

Iranian or German?

I grew up in an environment where the Iranian language and culture inside the house was in contradiction to the German language and culture outside the house and I was confused and lost with the father’s patriotism and strong desire to return to Iran on one hand and on the other hand, my mother’s preference to stay and continue living in Germany. War, peace and things that only existed outside the house.

A sudden return to Iran with my father, in the midst of the Iran-Iraq war -my mother joining us after several months- and the subsequent forced changes of the living environment from the peaceful conditions of Germany to an atmosphere full of insecurity, air-raid sirens, news and propaganda of war and developing into the new socio-cultural environment and experiencing civil laws that are completely different from Germany, Let alone the conflict between ideology and culture of my family and the dominant culture of society and the official laws of the country. (A non-religious and atheist family, the relative acceptability of girl-boy relationships, lack of belief in hijab)

It was in an atmosphere full of paradoxes that the early years of the life of an introverted child who lived more in the imaginary world of his mind than in the real world were spent and painting, that was the guard of the blurred border between imagination and reality, became a tool for expression of contradictions.

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