Working from my studio in Devon I am drawn by the ever-changing light and inspired by the many and varied natural forms in the environment. My hand built ceramics are effectively canvasses for abstract designs on a unique contemporary bowls or platters; these offer endless possibilities so no two are alike. The starting point for any project is my selection of the clay, where I aim to use clay with just the right texture once fired. Parts of my finished ceramic pieces are left as naked (unglazed) stoneware, which means that the colour of the fired clay is important in creating the piece. The textured undersides are achieved by carving and cutting into the clay. These controlled elements are only a starting point and set against the uncontrollable delights of creating abstract designs. I use rich green and blue glazes to give the dramatic contrasts to the unglazed areas, producing fleeting images that obliquely or more obviously pick up on botanical themes.

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