Matty Burnham

I am an ink and watercolour illustrator originally from Cumbria now living near Leeds in Yorkshire; so I feel at home in both the Lake District and the Dales. These beautiful local landscapes are a significant inspiration for me, however I also love visiting (and illustrating) less familiar areas such as the incredible Northumbrian castles or the lochside cottages of the Highlands. 
I have been creating illustrations for the last 3 years after discovering my love for drawing and watercolour during the pandemic. Since then, I have been painting and developing my style continuously. I always work on cotton paper and, through practiced techniques, achieve a distinctive granulating effect within the washes of watercolour. Adopting the philosophy that life is too short for grey shadows, I mix purples to create shade, cast-shadows and, subsequently, the sunlight which is a focus in my work.