Louie Lines

Louie Lines has been creating landscapes since 2019 under the title ‘Impossible Landscapes’ inspired by Yorkshire and Lancashire countryside. Initially working with alcohol ink enhanced with digital painting, Louie began a prolific experimentation with imaginary and remembered open spaces.

Growing up above a valley near open moorland and always yearning for the freedom of space and light, Louie’s recent mixed media work often represents a search for beauty in the darker, tighter wild spaces in urban settings. This resonates with the freedom of childhood in memory contrasted with the complexity and confinement of adult life.

Influenced and encouraged by David Hockney’s embrace of digital painting – a special influence as an art student in Bradford – Louie’s recent work pushes contrasts and offer the sensation of waking up, returning to the bright and noisy stressors of life after a quieter period.

Louie works in a variety of mediums, including inks, watercolour and embellished prints and continues to evolve as an artist having recently acquired space in a studio.