Gray Eaton Photography

“I like to photograph landscape, wildlife and people. To capture mood, movement and atmosphere in a living landscape image is what makes the difference between a photographic image and a snapshot. When you look at a postcard you might recognise a view or landmark, but I try to bring out a feeling of atmosphere, to evoke mood and ambiance in my photography, so that you don’t just see a lighthouse that you recognise, you remember that stormy day, or that warm summer evening. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find new subjects in photography but challenging the status quo and seeking alternative perspectives is important to me. Visualising a concept image, evaluating technique, location, weather, season is all part of the process, in an attempt to acquire images not previously seen, is something that I enjoy.

I have been fortunate enough to have been awarded in several National and International competitions for both wildlife and landscape photography including: The Wildlife Photographer of the Year; The International Mono Awards; The British Wildlife Photography Awards; The Landscape Photographer of the Year; The Denver Audubon International; British Life Photography Awards; Memorial Maria Lucia; The Los Angeles Open Underwater and several others. Currently I am commercially represented by Nature Picture Library, RSPB images, National Trust Picture Library.

My work has been published in many publications worldwide including National Geographic Magazine, BBC News, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Birdwatching Magazine, Professional Photographer Magazine, RSPB Birds, BP Magazine, Diver Magazine, Country Life, The British Journal of Photography, Cheshire Life, Countryside Magazine, Mail on Sunday, GEO Spain, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Times, Nikon Owner, Birds Illustrated Magazine, TGO, Welsh Coast, The Photographer and many others.”