Martin Grimes

“I’m very much in agreement with the American artist Amy Sillman who said, in her 2017 lecture, ‘Drawing in the Continuous Present’, I think Drawers tend to be people who don’t quite know what they’re doing’.

Though I often work with watercolour, I think of myself as a drawer who also draws with paint. Everything begins with walking, whether through the city, or the less obviously managed rural landscape, until the conditions for working seem clear. I think of my works as traces; as records of the curious interplay between environment, hand, head and material. These works take an approach to recording the environment which I increasingly see to be more of a kind of data-collection activity than an attempt to render a locality, or even to produce abstract responses to the landscape. They mark the journeying as much as the locations I settle into. I work very directly and intuitively, in watercolour

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