Mark Mawson

Mark is a London based photographer with more than 25 years of experience in capturing a full spectrum of people and places. He held his first camera at the age of eight and has been passionate about photography and lighting ever since. Mark has worked in London as well as travelling extensively around the world shooting for clients.
Mark specialises in shooting still life, fashion & people underwater. His well known ‘Aqueous’ series of liquids started out as a fun, personal project but has since become world renowned. A video of it was projected onto Buckingham Palace in front of The Queen as the backdrop to Sir Paul McCartney’s ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ as part of the Diamond Jubilee Concert.

Because of the organic nature of the flowing liquids, in the Aqueous Pastels collection images are created using pastel paint and inks in water, each shot is unique and cannot be replicated.

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