Louisa Boyd Watercolours

The connection of the human experience with the cosmos is a settling constant, transcending ephemeral socio-cultural and environmental fluxes. With this in mind, I often consider place and its meaning to an individual in my work. My interpretations of the terrestrial and celestial environment focus on the connection between these two spaces. Representations of mapping as well as more abstract concepts about our individual finite existence and our relationship with home find their way into my pieces. Tradition, both familial and cultural, lie at the heart of my artistic practice and in many instances I am considering memory and knowledge and how this is transferred across generations.

Printmaking has become a large part of my practice over recent years and again I enjoy the historical relevance of this method of working and passing on of traditional skills. Many printmaking processes employed aid concept within the pieces as the permanent marks made by tools and techniques evoke ideas of retained memories and repetition of image alludes to the idea of intergenerational traditions.

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