Helen Shulkin

Helen Shulkin is an emerging artist based in Baden-Baden, Germany. In a search for new methods to interpret high tech and urban spaces, Helen is focusing on the idea of a metamorphosis where – through her individual esthesis – constructions of structural complexity and of immense, larger than human-size dimensions evolve into quasi-etheral structures. Contemplating post-industrial objects Helen is observing an infinite simplicity, evoking a sense of hidden lightness. Using experimental mixed media, Helen tries to convey this complementarity, resulting from the fine relations of urban form and her innermost content.

Helen Shulkin was born in Belarus in 1978. She graduated in 1995 from a Classical Art School, Molodetschno. In 2001, she finished a Fine Art and Drawing Degree at the Belarusian State University Minsk under professor Shikulov. Since 2015 she lives and works in Baden-Baden, Germany. Helen’s paintings are collected worldwide.

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