Gina Parr

Gina Parr has been described as a photographer who paints with the camera. One of the most sought after contemporary landscape photographers working today, Gina’s work has been featured in publications such as The Independent and House & Garden, and shown in galleries throughout the UK and Europe. Gina has a unique take on landscape photography, in which she zooms in on surface, texture, colour and pattern. Her work is primarily abstract, at times resembling the work of abstract expressionist painters.

With each work of art, Gina’s mission is simple; to capture the truth and distil the essence or feeling of a place. In that way, Gina implements the principals of minimalism, where her subjects take on their own being and become separated from representation. She does however ground them in a sense of reality through their titles. Alluding to place and location through her choice of words, Gina encourages the viewer to re-examine just how we interpret subject and place.

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