Eva Santin

My recent work intended to redefine and refine new approaches and assumptions about contemporary graphics, from the contribution of new technologies to the world of graphic art, raising interesting thoughts, especially when the art scene begins to fill hybrid works that reinterpret the concepts of drawing, printmaking, photography and print.
I try to address the concepts of intimacy and invisible in space, such as speech while reading the work itself, in terms of spatial interaction with the viewer. Only the sensitive eye, in the proximity (distance intima), perceive subtle nuances: invisibility.

These works, therefore, contain the essence, emptiness and infinity through a contemplative process, where time stands still (for the creator and the observer). Treatment works are very sober, which imposes the most subtle, such as light or transparency, dominated by the language of the whisper. Art codes are reduced to a minimum with no distractions pieces that play with what is not.

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