EIYIA is a group of artists, born from the deepest love for art, for the thrill of being able to create ideas that at first seem impossible, parallel to our reality, worlds that seem to seek answers to the most complex
questions we all ask ourselves.

The members of EIYIA, inseparable for over four years now are; Emily Anne England, a young woman from England, who has slowly discovered between pages old and faded, a rich universe of magic. Her work tries to display her love for detail, with a hidden emotion created thanks to the rich pallet of colour, and alongside her, Álvaro Lope Morales Quevedo, a Spanish artist who has always felt distant from this world, with his works of art full of feeling, show what your imagination can create, queens, goblins and magical creatures that seem born from Swedish literature. Both lovers of the distant unknown, from the diverse, they have worked very hard on this exhibition to begin, what for them, is the future, a new experience, a journey into the magic of the unknown.

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