Cody Choi

“Follow not only the movement but breathe with the dancers” is Cody’s approach to his dance photography. An internationally renowned dancer explores the art of photographic portraiture and theatrical movement through the lens of his choreography. Hong Kong dancer Cody Choi is producing stunningly poetic portraits of dancers out of this world; a world without gravity, filled with vivid colours where the fluidity of movement rules supreme.

Cody’s dance photography journey started as he toured and danced around the world with Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake for 3 years. Capturing different places, theatres and fellow dancers whom he went on the road with filled his days.

Cody’s photography demonstrates his acumen in dance and photography by being able to immerse himself into intimate visual dialogues with the dancers. Their relationship does not stop at the movements but extends to dancers’ ability, state of mind and emotions.

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