Caroline Hudson

Caroline Hudson is an abstract landscape artist. She studied at Leeds College of Art and at Glasgow School of Art, where she first discovered enjoyment in utilising a variety of mediums to make her work such as recycled wood, paper and metal. This has carried through to the present day, although over the past two decades has concentrated mainly on painting and ceramics.

Caroline ran her own studio and gallery from 2008-2018 in Richmond before returning to her native West Yorkshire and settling in Haworth. She now lives on the doorstep of Haworth moor; a wild, open and immersive landscape. This is an environment that Caroline feels completely connected to and feels a part of. The big skies, the bit of pink at the end of the day, the weather, the wind and mist have an ethereal quality especially when experienced alone. This feeds into her work almost subconsciously back in the studio. Texture and colour are essential elements. Caroline builds up numerous layers whilst scraping back and scratching into her work. This creates a surface of depth and interest leading her to getting lost in the process of making. Since college she has had a fascination with the sculpting effect of time and weathering on objects and landscapes. She sees a beauty in decay which feeds naturally into her work.

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