Anna Vialle

When I was at school I really struggled with academic subjects and was always so much more interested in art. As I got older I had a love hate relationship with art because I struggled with confidence and finding my own style. I have always dreamt of selling my art work at least on a part time basis. Now at 42 I have found my style and with that my confidence and I’ve taken the plunge and put my artwork out there.

I discovered my style when trying to relax after shifts as a mental health nurse. I started out with a piece called Cucllica argentea a pen and watercolour illustration of 24 individually drawn moths. I found it really relaxing and enjoyed the process of creating something intrinsically detailed from a simple pen.

From this I continued to develop my style. My focus is precision drawn, pen and watercolour drawings. I am inspired by the colours and designs of both Victorian prints, Japanese woodblock prints & my passion for nature. My subjects have evolved from insects and I now also really enjoy drawing insects, birds, landscapes, and anatomy.

My foray into selling art has become a bit of a family affair. I share the kitchen table with my two children. My brother who is a bespoke cabinet maker based in London, hand makes all my frames and I have a very supportive partner who manages (me!) my orders, emails, and postage.

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