Richard Wincer

Richard Wincer was born and raised in Worcestershire. From an early age he expressed an interest in painting and started to paint the rural landscape around where he was born and raised. He studied in the 1970’s at Goldsmiths College and after graduating soon established himself as a practising artist. He first came to prominence with a show at the Serpentine Gallery in 1980. Three years later he was selected to show in the Sculpture Show at the Hayward Gallery. He has shown his work in galleries throughout the country and has exhibited in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. In addition to his paintings, he has completed several sculptural commissions working in wood and developed a reputation as a skilled craftsman. 

In 1990 he moved to Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire and it is here that began to devote many years to painting. He realised that it was the countryside that was most likely to allow him access to the kind of spiritual truthfulness, which he found imperative. He developed his own method and techniques intuitively searching for an inner meaning to his work. After a period of working more figuratively he has naturally progressed the paintings into pure abstraction. 

The works are wonderfully sensitive and emotive his use of colour is particularly vibrant and expressive. His method is instinctive and spontaneous often covering the surface in abstract marks and gestures. The paint handling is free and more playful he works intuitively and quickly. Paint is often wiped away and then reapplied as he feels his way around the surface. The working practice often involves repainting canvases over and over again until they resolve themselves, searching for the magical moment when things finally come together. 
He believes in the power of the unconscious to transform and empower the creative process. His creative work is an attempt to place a bridge between the spectator and the soul. The paintings represent an individual’s journey of exploration. From his studio in the Pennines of Yorkshire, he has produced some lovely and evocative work.